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Tenuta Cucco

The Wines of the most ancient tradition               

Tenuta Cucco was established in the 60s, in Serralunga d’Alba, at the roots of the renowned XIV century castle that dominates the whole Langhe area. The name “cucco”, the summit of the hill on which it is located recalls its altitude in local dialect and where its most ancient vineyard, Vigna Cucco, is located.

From the winery a breath taking view opens up where the hills and vineyards meet the glimpse of the Castle, with its unique tall and narrow shape, representing an icon of the Italian landscape.

Grapes from the crus Cerrati and Vigna Cucco have been conferred from the farmers to the local producers who, vintage after vintage, appreciated their qualities and specific characteristics by making accurate selections.

In the past years Tenuta Cucco has been owned by the Stroppiana family which in their turn acquired the estate in 1966 from the Cappellano family and built the first cellar of the estate. In January 2015 it was acquired by the Rossi Cairo family, owners of La Raia biodynamic estate in Novi Ligure for over 15 years, where they produce Gavi DOCG and Piemonte Barbera DOC Demeter certified.

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Italian Wine Competition Tenuta
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