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Marco Bonfante From fields to the winery

The vocation of a unique territory and a skillful production in the winery.
That's how we work...

Following their father’s loss and the consequent division of his winery, Marco and his sister Micaela founded the winery Marco Bonfante srl in 2000. "Our family produces wines in Piedmont, precisely in Nizza Monferrato since 8 generations, so much time that the hill which saw our ancestors grow up, took the name Bonfante." Marco is the winemaker and he looks after the production and the sales, while Micaela takes care of the administration of the company.

Vineyards Selection.

In this category we propose, as the name says, the best selection of grapes from single vineyards. The aim is to research and to give value to the main characteristics of the grape varietals, first in the vineyard and then in the winery.

Premium Wines

In this section we propose white and red wines which are the heart of our production. These wines mirror the typical characteristics of the variety and they meet the consumers' taste because they are ready to be drunk.

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