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In the heart of Roero in the last 600 years.

The Almondo Family is attested in the registers of the municipality of Montà going back to the fourteenth century.

The Almondo family has always lived in the Località Vittori di Montà, the heart of where Arneis vines are today, and the epicenter of country life back then.

In addition to white-grape grapevines, the cultivation of which is attested throughout the centuries via legislative codes, the area has also always been considered exceptional for asparagus, strawberries and peaches. Similar to these crops, the Arneis of Montà excels in aromas and fullness of flavor.

After graduating with a degree in Agricultural Sciences in 1980, it was Domenico Almondo who brought the push towards high-quality viticulture to the small family vineyard. His ambition was to create an Arneis both elegant and distinct in character; in other words, a contemporary white wine.


This is what led to the first experiments involving the certainty of modern technology: temperature control, the utilization of inert gasses in all wine-cellar operations, careful management of the reduction process and of the lees.

These processes create the Almondo Style, a style composed of impressive aromas, fragrance and minerality.

The evolution of a superior Arneis.

The Azienda continues to be a family-owned business, as it has been from the moment of its founding. And not only that: as a standard of our business that is becoming more and more rare these days, every work we do, be it in the vineyards or in the cellar, is handled directly by the Almondo family.

This great commitment, and the great experience it affords us, ensures that our grapes will be of the highest possible quality every single year, thanks to our vine-by-vine knowledge of the property.

For this reason, the Azienda does not have – and will never have – a wine merchant or négociant nature, being characterized exclusively and solely as a producer of grapes and, due to that, of wine. This element, moving defiantly against the current trend, also defines an aspect of the Almondo Style.

Among the many projects in our cellars, the Azienda is creating, in association with the Istituto di Virologia Vegetale – CNR (National Italian Research Council) of Turin, a clonal selection of Arneis, which will culminate over the next few years in new plants representative of our specific terroir, and also capable of maintaining an adequate degree of clonal variety in our vines.

This selection was made beginning with the oldest Arneis vines on the whole territory.

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