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Over 800 kilometers of coastline define the geographic boundaries of the Puglia Region. It is long and narrow, gently wedged into the Mediterranean Sea.


Puglia is composed of Daunia and the High Murgia, Murge, Lower Murgia and Itria Valley, Messapia and Salento.

These five territories are well-defined wine districts, strongly anchored to typical grapes that characterize the productions.

A wide ampelography collection makes the difference between Puglia and other Italian or Southern regions. Characterized by a marked mutability of its territory, Puglia can count on a wide variety of terroir that is expressed in a rich bouquet of aromas and flavors without equal. It changes from Daunia mountain peaks to the sandy coast of Salento going through large and sunny hill areas.

Native grapes - but also to the many varieties of national and international ones now permanently inhabiting the region – get from the sun and the earth of Puglia outstanding gifts.

They have a very distinctive and impressive structure.


Thanks to the passion and experience of winemakers, the result in Puglia is authentic wines, mostly red, with a strong character and identity.

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