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Weingut Ernst -  Deutschkreutz - Central Burgenland

The Ernst winery

Seriously. An adjective that Bernhard Ernst has always accompanied since its start in 2005. To press serious wines was his goal even then. All around, however, more improvised, an experiment in the parents' garage, young and wild just as he was.

To this day, nothing has changed about producing serious wines. However, the general conditions are very likely. A tasteful new winery, a woman who “now dreams of his dream” was added. Structure, order and a touch of feminine elegance were found. With Sylvia Ernst, a woman from Vorarlberg decided to live not entirely in the west but in the east of Austria and dedicate her heart and soul to this new task.

Together, the two of them are now living this winemaker's dream with one goal: to depict their homeland in the best possible way in the wines. “Origin counts” is both motto and message.

The flagships of the winemaking couple - three Lagen-Blaufränkische (Fabian, Goldberg and Hochberg) - but also the Cuvées Zion and La Mission - clearly reveal this origin - Deutschkreutz in Central Burgenland.


The first of the three exceptional locations is Hochberg. The high lime content in particular ensures clear, cool fruit in the Blaufränkisch on slightly sandy loam soil. The 35-year-old vines grow on steep slopes facing south-west.


The Goldberg is a knoll in the Deutschkreutz wine mountains. Shell limestone from the primeval sea is covered with a layer of clay that is one to two meters thick. In the east-facing vineyards with a view of the small Pannonian plain, outstanding blue Frankish have been growing here for 45 years.


The Fabian vineyard is characterized by a very heavy layer of clay. On the Deutschkreutz high plateau, the Deutschkreutz forest provides cool winds and creates a successful tension between the warm, lush ground. Old vines, planted in 1949, guarantee unique Blaufränkisch qualities

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