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Le Guaite: my family.


Our family history began almost 20 years ago when my father Stefano decided to buy a small crusher and a few acres of olive groves on the hillside of Mezzane di Sotto.

This is a hill which benefits from the microclimate of Lake Garda and the northern Alpine currents which contribute to creating the thermal shock, important for the inimitable character of the fruit.

Only in 2002, following the purchase of a few acres of vineyard, including Le Guaite, situated on the best and highest side of the hill, does the production of the typical Valpolicella wine begins.

Valpolicella, a unique heritage in the world.

Our wonderful land known as the Valpolicella, lies at 10 minutes, north of Verona, enclosed between the Lessinian hills and Lake Garda.

From time immemorial, it has been known for the capacity for producing wines of unbelievable strength and elegance through its vines of red berries typical of this area.


The quality of our wines, in primis the famous Amarone, well known throughout the world, have contributed to earn for our land a position of primary importance in the Italian patrimony of wine production.

Our little cellar and crusher, situated on the hills of Mezzane di Sotto next to the vineyards known as the famous Romano Dal Forno, mentor and still our first friend, is always open to welcome curious visitors and fans to show them what our dedication and land can create.

It is not a question of fashion-following, of time, of money or simple duty...

It is purely a question of love...

- Noemi

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