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In 2015 I build my Hypogeum.... My cellar, my pride ....Ancient methods, handed down from father to son,precious advice and unchanged deep love for nature they have become 'My passion ...Oak and Cilento stone barrels they shaped my dream ...the cellar: "FRANCESCA FIASCO".

In a land of sunny hills that brighten the sight and the spirit ...In a land that mixes the colors of summer creating an atmosphereplayful and warm ...In a land that in autumn relives ancient traditions and the smell ofvintage cheers up the melancholy nuances of the landscape ...In a land called "CILENTO" ... My adventure begins ..

... The real protagonist of this splendid adventure,it's Luigi.

My Grandfather ... A Winemaker ...His love for the AREVUSTO, cilentano term for define the vineyard,

at the beginning of the 60s it gives the courage to redeem a small fund from thesharecropping.

His inseparable companions hoe and scissors ...

Love, passion and dedication your certainties ...

Sacrifice and work MY certainties ...

The goal is to recreate the right place where, the wine, wonderful nectar, find your maximum expression of "Masterpiece of Nature". Although it is among the rows that I give birth to my wines, it is in the cellar that the grapes follow their obvious transformation by starting the right aging ... All I do is go along with the natural process of evolution... Time takes care of the rest, its greatest ally, rest, time magic of obscurity and its ancient perfumes ...

The vineyards

The vineyards are located between the municipalities of Castel San Lorenzo, Felitto and Roccadaspide at an altitude ranging between 250 and 450 meters above sea level covering an area of about 6 hectares.


The Campanaro vineyard, where the Cerzito wine is born, during the summer is covered by hail nets, defined for all, the "vineyard veiled "..

" A great wine is born first of all in the vineyard ... It is from here that the recovery of naturalness arises in cultivation …"

Francesca Fiasco.

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