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Benvenuti alla Corte dei Venti

Qui troverete una piccola vigna, delle grandi botti di rovere, una lunga tradizione, un pizzico di follia e tantissima passione

La Storia

Farmers and winemakers in Montalcino since 1943 The history of my company dates back to 1943 when the Pieri family bought the Piancornello farm. At the end of the 1980s with the disappearance of his maternal grandfather, a part of the property passed to his daughter Silvana and chased after her grandchildren: this is how the Corte Dei Venti company was born, to the southeast in the municipality of Montalcino, in the sunniest area, that of the red earth, in the hinterland between Sant'Angelo and Castelnuovo dell'Abate.

Perché Corte Dei Venti

Our grapes are so good thanks to the windThe name "Corte Dei Venti" derives from the particular confluence of the winds that constantly blow in this area. Their presence allows a Mediterranean climate without fog, which favors the health of both the vines during the vegetative phase and the grapes during the harvest.

The Vineyards

We have 5 hectares of vineyard land, of which 2.80 is BrunelloThe vineyards are characterized by hilly terrain with more or less steep slopes, rich in ferrous calcareous clay, fresh and well-endowed with mineral substances and are influenced by winds from the sea that guarantee a prolonged and optimal maturation of the grapes.

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