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Barboglio De Gaioncelli dal 1875

Passione per la Qualità

Barboglio de Gaioncelli.OIP.jpg


The blue of the sky, the green of the vineyards and the warm shades of the earth: a palette of colors, a range of natural elements that symbolize the excellence of Franciacorta.



Passion, passion and more passion. This is the key word that has allowed the immense pleasure of being producers of a living material that gives wine happiness and joy to be handed down from 1875 to today.
The Barboglio De Gaioncelli winery was born inside the building of the same name and since 2010, in what was once a sharecropping area, the restaurant has been built. There are 30 hectares of vineyards, 90,000 bottles produced, 10 types of wine.


The Franciacorta specification sets out the guidelines for the production of wines: manual harvesting in boxes of up to 16 kg, minimum refinement in the bottle, the use of certain grape varieties chardonnay, pinot nero and pinot bianco and much more.


Within this strict regulation, the winery, exploiting the knowledge of its vineyard area, expresses its production philosophy: our philosophy is summed up in refinement and elegance, sincere, well-drinkable wines that find their highest expression in the reserves.


Over 3500 people a year visit our facility, to learn more about the details and taste our products, book a visit.

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