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The Company
Love for the land, great respect for the nature, enthusiasm and pleasure to create, passion for the wine characterize our way of living and our philosophy of work.
The Tola family takes care of his vineyards and creates a range of high quality wines since over three generations.

Our vineyards are situated in Tola’s estate of Bosco Falconeria and Giambascio at about 400 mt asl, in the most glamorous Sicilian " terroir " , between Palermo and Trapani,
where planes blowed by warm winds of Scirocco and light sea breeze let place to the sweet and sunny hills.
Our vineyards are espalier trained, simple guyot pruned, with a density of 4.600 plants per hectare, a plant order of 240 x 90 cm and a production of about 2 kg per plant.

Our wines come frome highly selected grapes of native Sicilian vineyards; Nero d'Avola, Catarratto, Insolia and international varietals Syrah e Merlot.

The innovating vinification processes, the refining, the conservation in 225 lt barrels characterize the quality process and generate pleasant typical wines with a strong personality.

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