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From the time of our grandfather Pietro, following the Second World War, until the present day –through the generations and the work of Franco, Lina, Fulvio, Dania and the entire Zorzettig family – we have continued a tradition that has even more remote roots.

We hand down our passion for the vineyard and wine, from parent to child, along with the values, language and identity of a great rural civilization: a legacy of which we are proud.

The symbol of our tradition


Our winery is named after the little white church of San Giuseppe, built in 1522 as a place of worship and rest for pilgrims. Our family restored it and adopted it as a symbol of our tradition. Consequently, we inserted the lozenge decorative motif and crest of our beloved little church, in the Ronchi San Giuseppe logo, along with the symbol of the city of Cividale, ancient Forum Iulii founded by Julius Caesar, after which the region of Friuli is named.

A special terroir, like our wines.

The Colli Orientali del Friuli zone lies between the Julian Alps, which protect it from the cold north winds, and the Adriatic Sea. It vaunts an ideal microclimate that allows gradual slow ripening of the grapes, creating that concert of fragrances, aromas and flavours that makes our wines so unique and prized. However, they also reflect the harmonious encounter of different worlds: a unique synthesis of Italian, Slovenian and Mitteleuropean cultures, an emotion that can be perceived in tasting after tasting, vintage after vintage.

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