The passion, tenacity and love for vineyards, characterize over than a century the work in the fields and the goodwilling of the family Rillo.

In 2004, by the will of Vincenzo Rillo, the company definitely changes and comes the Agricultural Company Winery Tora to which are made several structural and organizational changes, nevertheless continue to treasure that magical moment that is to revive the tradition of its own territory; where the origins of wine culture, steeped in antiquity and passion, build the leit motiv and the company mission together.

The family company, still preserves, in particular by the young brothers Giampiero and Francesco, that spirit of sacrifice that always diversifies and underlies the recipe of the master winemakers, handed down through the centuries. The care and the attention lavished in all the phases of the production cycle, make the winery Tora products an exceptional result that give it salubrity and a high quality level. The mastery in the wine art, the care and dedication for the vineyard, aims at optimize the potentiality of the final product, transferring the whole essences, nose and sensations that are snatched from the tasting. Now the company is enriched by the advanced processing tools, driven by the continuous search for innovation, adjuvants measures the maintenance of a high standard quality, with products that guarantee not only a tipicity of the product but a diversified keeper satisfaction too applied to a lot of target.

The Vineyards:

Lying on the spectacular scenery of the hills of Torrecuso, Winery Tora makes the native grape variety a flagship of its own production. The vineyards, in total 12ha, are located in the centre of Torrecuso area, growing at an altitude of 350-380 mt above sea level.

The 90% is preferred a vertical cultivation, and 10% at an overhead system . The principal pruning systems are the Guyot single arm and the Rammed Cord. The territory is clayey and all the vineyards are regularly enrolled to the DOC and SOCG register.